Friday, 13 October 2017

Central Oven + Shaker - Newcastle upon Tyne

A few weeks ago, my work colleagues and I had a team night out starting with pizza and cocktails at Central Oven + Shaker in Newcastle upon Tyne. This is a fairly new bar and restaurant that has opened just over the road from Central Station. I've been desperate to go here since it opened but I don't get out much so it's taken me a while to get there!

It was definitely worth the wait though. The first thing I noticed in Central Oven + Shaker was the atmosphere. It feels like a really cool, laidback place and I love the selection of music played by the DJ. It's a mixed bag but it just makes you want to move, even whilst sat at the table waiting for food!

The highlight of my visit was definitely sampling all of the cocktails. Check out the menu here and you'll see what I mean! There's so much choice and best of all, they are buy one get one free. It's not your usual cheaply made cocktails either. These are premium cocktails. My favourites were the Blonde Bombshell (deliciously zingy with enough sweetness and a surprise shot!), Trip to Auntie Annie's (so sweet like sherbet and has bonbons on the top!) and Floss Me (a little less sweet but you get some amazing candyfloss on top and perfect if you're a prosecco lover).

Food-wise, we all ordered a pizza and got some chips to share on the side. I went for Pepperoni, my favourite kind of pizza. The pepperoni was actually really tasty and surprisingly spicy, which I loved. The only criticism I have is that the crust on the pizzas was a little too stodgy and thick, I do prefer a thinner base. I still really enjoyed it though. The chips were on another level and some of the best chips I've ever had. We chose the Central Fries which are covered in parmesan, truffle oil and rosemary. So good!! They also come served with two delicious dips, garlic and spicy tomato. I could just eat some of these right now!

We had our food upstairs and headed to the bar area downstairs to enjoy more cocktails and I thought it was fab. I'd definitely bring my husband here for a few drinks some time. I think he'd enjoy it!

Have you ever been to Central Oven + Shaker?

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