Sunday, 22 October 2017

MAC Liptensity Collectors Set

I was browsing the New In section of the Selfridges website the other day, as I do quite frequently, and I stumbled across a huge MAC lipstick set.

It's the MAC Liptensity Collectors Set (£220 exclusive to Selfridges) and it's got 18 full sizes of their amazing Liptensity lipstick. I already own the shade Driftwood, a cool toned, pink nude and I love both the shade and formula. It's a very pigmented yet moisturising formula, that leaves a sheen on the lips. It has the same vanilla shade as the regular lipstick line but the lipstick bullet has more of a flattened top, more like a lipbalm than a traditional pointed lipstick. I love the packaging of the lipsticks too as each one is coloured to reflect the shade of the lipstick.

I've been wanting to try more shades of this lipstick and I thought this set was extremely good value, despite its high price tag. These lipsticks cost £17.50 each normally, so this set is worth £315. I was worried there would be quite a few shades that I'm not keen on as a lot of the shades do look quite brown toned from looking at the outer packaging but I decided to order it anyway!

When I picked up my parcel, I was surprised at how large it was! I felt a little embarrassed when my parents asked what I'd been ordering and I told them it was lipsticks! Anyway, the surprise didn't stop there. When I got my package home and saw the beautiful outer sleeve with the union jack on, I was blown away. I love it! This isn't actually photographed on the Selfridges website so I didn't realise it had this on. The sleek black cardboard packaging underneath is really nice too. I'll be keeping it so I can either use it for a display or maybe store something in it!

There is such a lovely selection of colours in this set and all of those "brown" shades I was worried about actually turned out to be wine/burgundy toned shades, to my relief, and I kind of love all of them! The only crazy shade is one navy blue lipstick, which I really like but I'm not sure how I'm going to wear that one just yet!

Left to right:
Mulling Spices
Medium Rare
Smoked Almond

Left to right:
Blue Beat
Burnt Violet
Toast and Butter

I've swatched all of the shades so you can see how beautiful they are. These are all just with two quick swipes of the bullet so you could build them up even more if you wanted. My favourites are Medium Rare, Gumball, Marsala and Cordovan, from my initial swatching session!

Have you tried the MAC Liptensity formula before? Which shades do you like the look of most?

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